Male Drow Warrior

Original ACEO (2.5″ x 3.5″ format) art entitled “Male Drow Warrior” was completed in 2012 mostly using cheap colored pencils… and is mostly just bad. Sooo bad, but, that’s its charm right? This actually sold on eBay way back when as I recall… probably not for more than the cost of postage to send itContinue reading “Male Drow Warrior”

Beholding Girl

Original ACEO (2.5″ x 3.5″ format) art entitled “Beholding Girl” was completed in 2012 mostly using cheap marker pens. I think I was just trying to quickly spill the odds and ends of my imagination into an illustration at the time and this happened. Token Ownership This art piece has been “tokenized” (minted on theContinue reading “Beholding Girl”

Odinic Blend Bright

This is a 2019 digital edit (using GIMP software) of my original Odinic Blend hand illustrated ACEO card drawn in 2011. Token Ownership This art piece has been “tokenized” (minted on the Ethereum blockchain by OpenSea) as an ERC-721 Ethereum token entitled Odinic Blend Bright. Ownership of this unique single edition token grants the ownerContinue reading “Odinic Blend Bright”

Odinic Blend

Original ACEO (2.5″ x 3.5″ format) art entitled “Odinic Blend” was completed in 2011 at the Chalet diner on City of Spokane’s South Hill while drinking coffee and relaxing. This was my first ever ACEO art and it was mostly done with inexpensive colored marker pens. The subject matter was vaguely inspired by a dreamContinue reading “Odinic Blend”

Knights of the Hart of Highfolk Tactical Ponderings

Again, looking at the 1983 World of Greyhawk Glossography’s encounters and specifically at the “Elves, Knights” description, I have long been presented with the idle problem of framing their presentation on a (tabletop) battlefield and/or in a D&D-esque tactical situation. My motive is in regard specifically to miniatures wargaming in the setting, but it wouldContinue reading “Knights of the Hart of Highfolk Tactical Ponderings”

Everything You Need to Know About Rights

Rights are not entitlements. Their benefits are EARNED by their exercise. Rights are actions saying, “I can and will do this, and will (PERSONALLY) defend against anyone who, through use of force, would seek to stop me.” A true RIGHT is a personal will to action, not a privilege granted by some external authority orContinue reading “Everything You Need to Know About Rights”

Social Labels

There seems to be an extreme polarization of social identity in the USA; on one end is the “liberal democrat” and on the other is “conservative republican.” This isn’t new news, but I want to humbly point out that I personally find it to be a hindrance overall to our progress as individuals and asContinue reading “Social Labels”