Abstract #2

Abstract #2 ©2011 Jeffrey Boyd Garrison

Original ACEO (2.5″ x 3.5″ format) art entitled “Abstract #2” was completed in January 2020 using colored pencils, black ink pen and acrylic paint.

Like it’s sibling completed at the same time, this was mostly an exercise in frustration. This sort of symbolizes the idea of starting out searching for inspiration and merely ending up stuck in a mess… but that’s just MY interpretation.

Maybe someone else will get entirely different vibes from this?

Also, this piece now has a caption compliments of Puffin3916 on Discord):

“The obulus eyed the planet with menace. It rubbed its green tentacles together in murderous intent; it was feeding time…” – @Puffin

I don’t know what an obulus is, but I’m quite sure it is made up of the essence of nightmares.

Token Ownership

This art piece has been “tokenized” (minted on the Ethereum blockchain by OpenSea) as an ERC-721 Ethereum token entitled Abstract #2.

Ownership of this unique single edition token grants the owner the (non-exclusive) permissions to display and use the associated full resolution image (the one on this webpage) for personal non-commercial display (such as uploading to personal social media, personal blog page and in an online or virtual gallery such as are commonly found in the Cryptovoxels app).

Selling the token effectively transfers these granted permissions (although previously posted digital displays may remain posted and need not be taken down or removed post transfer).

The token owner may edit the referenced art image (by cropping, re-sizing, changing the image format from JPEG to something else like PNG, change resolution, reduce file size, etc.) for the purpose of facilitating convenient display. The image may not be altered so as to change it to a newly distinct or derivative artwork without express permission by the artist. Similarly, it may also not be used for commercial purposes (other than to expedite sale of the token to a new owner).

Finally, the referenced image may be used (whole or edited as mentioned above) by the token owner as an online avatar, badge, wallpaper or background on webpages, social media and in virtual reality environments.

All rights to the digital art are also reserved by the artist.

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