Odinic Blend Old & Bright

Odinic Blend Old & Bright Digital Art Image
Odinic Blend Old & Bright ©2019 Jeffrey Boyd Garrison

I created this (with the assistance of GIMP software) by combining the original (2011) version of hand illustrated “Odinic Blend” ACEO with the new (2019) “Bright” digital edit of that same piece… altered even further by putting more blue color into the digital edit.

The overall effect of this animation further captures the original inspiration I had while having coffee and doodling at the Chalet diner on the city of Spokane’s South Hill back in 2011. It was my very first ACEO art and therefore has also become my very first digital animation.

Token Ownership

This art piece has been “tokenized” (minted on the Ethereum blockchain by OpenSea) as an ERC-721 Ethereum token entitled Odinic Blend Old & Bright.

Ownership of this unique single edition token grants the owner the (non-exclusive) permissions to display and use the associated full resolution animation image (the one on this webpage) for personal non-commercial display (such as uploading to personal social media, personal blog page and in a virtual gallery (such as are commonly found in the Cryptovoxels app).

Selling the token effectively transfers these granted permissions. All rights to the digital art are also reserved by the artist.

The token owner may edit the referenced art image (by cropping, re-sizing, changing the image format from GIF to something else like JPEG, change resolution, lower file size, etc.) for the purpose of facilitating convenient display (this includes freezing the animation to one of the frames that make up the animation for a still image). The image may not be altered so as to change it to a newly distinct or derivative artwork without express permission by the artist. Similarly, it may also not be used for commercial purposes (other than to expedite sale of the token to a new owner).

Although attribution to the artist (me) is not required in any display, no misrepresentation of the artist or art is permitted. Simply put, you don’t have to tag my name, but don’t make it look like someone else made this art and I’m happy.

Don’t hesitate to shoot me any questions about these specifics; I’m glad to answer questions.

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